Tender Offer Basic

Tender Offer Basic Membership

Unlisted closed end funds are the fastest growing and most lucrative niche in the fund management industry.   Yet investors and asset managers have struggled to find reliable data sources.  

Now at last there is a solution.   Interval Fund Tracker is a comprehensive data provider for the entire unlisted closed end fund universe.  A Tender Offer Basic membership is exclusively focused on tender offer funds.  

For just $450 per year, you get access to:

  • Fee comparison spreadsheets covering all share classes and feeder funds for  all tender offer funds.
  • Information on fund launches and liquidations.
  • Critical competitive intelligence on tender offer managers and service providers.
  • Comprehensive analytics fund terms and fee structures.
  • In addition to charts and graphs in the members area, all Premium Data is available for download by Premium Members in .csv format to facilitate further analysis and maximize transparency.  Free updates for a year as new funds are launched.
  • Exclusive research reports with in depth analysis of the unlisted closed end fund industry.  Topics covered: 
    • Interval fund performance during prior financial crises.
    • The impact of Covid-19 on the unlisted closed end fund sector.
    • Fee levels and performance trends across different investment strategies.

You can also upgrade to Premium Plus, a comprehensive plan covering the all unlisted closed end funds,  including both interval funds and tender offer funds.  Click here to compare different options for Premium membership.

Email [email protected] with questions.

 Premium Members may download and use data(Premium Data) for their own internal analysis.  Public dissemination or reproduction of Premium Data requires permission .   Public dissemination or reproduction of Premium Data without permission is considered theft and will be prosecuted. Additionally, since users can easily download substantial portions of the data set, we do not provide refunds. 

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