Real Estate Interval Funds

Real estate interval funds are a popular option for investors seeking income and capital appreciation.  Many real estate interval funds follow a fund of funds strategy, and offer retail investors the opportunity to invest in private real estate funds normally reserved for large institutional investors.  In addition, some funds follow unique strategies focused on single family homes, mortgages, or churches. Several real estate funds have raised over $1 billion in capital, while delivering steady returns to investors.  Interval funds also work well for investors looking for a liquidity compromise between publicly listed REITs and non-traded REITs.  Some analysts have highlighted interval funds as a step in the evolution of real estate investing.  



11 Active Real Estate Interval Funds

Over $10 billion AUM

8.02% Average Annual Total Return (2019)

List of Real Estate Interval Funds

wdt_ID Fund Tickers Manager Net Assets(MRQ) Management Fee Total Return(2021)
1 Bluerock Total Income (plus) RE Fund TIPRX,TIPPX,TIPWX,TIPLX Bluerock Fund Advisor, LLC 2,067,042,917 Premium Premium
2 Equalize Community Development Fund EQCDX. Equalize Capital LLC 57,376,547 Premium Premium
3 Broadstone Real Estate Access Fund BDWX, BDREX Broadstone Asset Management, LLC 49,423,828 Premium Premium
4 Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund GIREX, GCREX,GRIFX,GMREX, GLREX Griffin Capital Advisor, LLC 2,147,483,647 Premium Premium
5 Nexpoint Real Estate Strategies Fund NRSAX,NRSCX,NRSZX NexPoint Advisors, LP 18,885,310 Premium Premium
6 Predex PRDEX, PTDEX, PWDEX Predex Capital Management 213,695,685 Premium Premium
7 Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund RREDX, CRREX, DRREX, IRREX, LRREX, RRETX, URREX, WRREX Resource Real Estate, Inc. 350,900,951 Premium Premium
8 Stone Ridge Residential Real Estate Income Fund I, Inc. HOMEX Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC 0 Premium Premium
9 Thrivent Church Loan & Income Fund XCLIX Thrivent Asset Management, LLC 17,321,090 Premium Premium
10 USQ Core Real Estate Fund USQIX, USQSX Union Square Capital Partners, LLC 35,812,903 Premium Premium
11 Versus Cap Multi-Manager Real Estate Income Fund VCMIX Versus Capital Advisors LLC 2,147,483,647 Premium Premium
Fund Tickers Manager Net Assets(MRQ) Management Fee Total Return(2021)