Private Equity Interval Funds

Interval funds make it possible for a range of retail and professional investors to gain access to strategies and asset classes normally reserved for the largest institutions.  For example, private equity interval funds will typically invest in a broad portfolio of private equity managers.  Other private equity interval funds will invest in infrastructure projects and real assets.   Venture Capital interval funds invest in private technology companies that are not available in public markets.  


Exposure to private equity has been empirically shown to improve long term risk adjusted returns. 

Private Equity, Venture Capital & Real Asset Interval Funds

Fund wdt_ID Tickers Manager Management Fee Total Returns (2020)
Bow River Capital Evergreen Private Equity Fund 1 EVERX Bow River Asset Management LLC Premium Premium
Sharespost 100 Fund 2 PRIVX, PRIIVX, PRLVX SP Investments Management, LLC Premium Premium
Primark Private Equity Investments Fund 3 PMPEX, PRIQX Primark Advisors LLC Premium Premium
Versus Capital Real Assets Fund, LLC 4 VCRRX Versus Capital Advisors, LLC Premium Premium
Principal Diversified Select Real Asset Fund 5 PDSRX,PDSKX, PDSYX Principal Global Investors, LLC Premium Premium
Fund Tickers Manager Management Fee Total Returns (2020)