Insurance Linked Securities Interval Funds

Insurance Linked Securities are financial instruments whose performance is determined by insurance loss events primarily driven by weather-related and other natural catastrophes. The premiums on insurance linked securities generally compare with stock returns, while drawdowns have no correlation with stocks or bonds. These funds will experience losses when there are many natural disasters in one year, but typically they are able to increase premiums in the following year, resulting in higher returns. The reinsurance market has become increasingly active in recent years, and the interval fund structure has proven to be an ideal vehicle to invest in this sector. Interval funds that invest in insurance linked securities and other derivatives have proven to be attractive investments that deliver non-correlated returns across different market cycles.

List of Reinsurance Interval Funds

wdt_ID Fund Tickers Manager Net Assets(MRQ) Management Fee Total Return (2021)
1 City National Rochdale Select Strategies Fund CNRLX City National Rochdale, LLC 116,764,000 Premium Premium
2 Pioneer ILS Bridge Fund XILBX Amundi Pioneer Asset Management, Inc. 100,000 Premium Premium
3 Pioneer ILS Interval Fund XILSX Amundi Pioneer Investment Management, Inc. 831,639,912 Premium Premium
4 Stone Ridge Trust II(Stone Ridge Reinsurance Risk Premium Interval Fund) SRRIX Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC 4,614,798,289 Premium Premium
5 Stone Ridge Trust III (All Asset Variance Risk Premium Fund) AVRPX Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC 673,173,351 Premium Premium
6 Stone Ridge Trust IV(Post -Event Reinsurance Fund) SRPEX Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC 0 Premium Premium
Fund Tickers Manager Net Assets(MRQ) Management Fee Total Return (2021)