Interval Fund Service Providers

Interval funds rely on a variety of third party fund service providers in order to operate.  An administrator oversees the operational performance ensuring it complies with regulatory requirements. An independent accounting firm performs annual audits and certifies the fund’s financial statements. The interval fund transfer agent keeps ownership records, and handles transaction processing. A CSV file with information on service providers for all active interval funds is available at the bottom of this post.

Interval Fund Transfer Agent Market Share

Several users of this site have asked about interval fund transfer agents. DST Systems leads the market, and currently serves as transfer agent for 26% of active interval funds.  See this whitepaper that DST Systems recently produced on exploring new product structures. UMB Services serves as transfer agent for 21% of interval funds. UMB Services recently wrote about its turnkey interval fund solutions in HedgeWeek.

The following chart summarizes interval fund transfer agent market share, as of August 2017:


Interval Fund Transfer Agents