Other Interval Fund Performance

The “Other” category for interval funds includes a wide variety of strategies.
Data is based on total return percentage reported by each fund, and may include the impact of expense support programs. Click here to compare management fees.

FundCategoryShare ClassFiscal Year End20142015201620172018
ACAP Strategic FundOtherASeptember 30-1.84%2.14%9.08%20.38%7.27%
ACAP Strategic FundOtherWSeptember 30NA-6.10%9.92%21.25%8.09%
BMO LGM Frontier Markets Equity FundOtherYAugust 314.60%-17.34%10.89%10.97%0.53%
FS Energy Total Return FundOtherAOctober 31NANANA-4.21%-0.45%
FS Energy Total Return FundOtherIOctober 31NANANA4.00%-0.23%
FS Energy Total Return FundOtherLOctober 31NANANANANA
FS Energy Total Return FundOtherMOctober 31NANANANANA
FS Energy Total Return FundOtherTOctober 31NANANA-0.59%-0.81%
NexPoint Healthcare Opportunities FundOtherADecember 31NANANANA-1.60%
NexPoint Healthcare Opportunities FundOtherCDecember 31NANANANA-1.65%
NexPoint Healthcare Opportunities FundOtherLDecember 31NANANANANA
NexPoint Healthcare Opportunities FundOtherZDecember 31NANANANA-1.55%
NexPoint Latin American Opportunities FundOtherANANANANANANA
NexPoint Latin American Opportunities FundOtherCNANANANANANA
NexPoint Latin American Opportunities FundOtherLNANANANANANA
NexPoint Latin American Opportunities FundOtherZNANANANANANA
Relative Value FundOtherCIA March 31NANANA-0.50%2.18%
Relative Value FundOtherAdvisor ClassMarch 31NANANANANA
SharesPost 100 FundOtherADecember 3122.80%3.75%5.30%0.07%7.71%
SharesPost 100 FundOtherIDecember 31NANANA1.82%7.86%
SharesPost 100 FundOtherLDecember 31NANANANA1.87%
Versus Capital Real Assets Fund, LLCOtherCommon SharesMarch 31NANANA1.12%1.59%
Weiss Strategic Interval FundOtherCommon SharesJune 30NANANANA11.80%
Zazove Convertible Securities FundOtherCommon SharesDecember 31NANANANANA

*Performance for 2018 is semi annual for funds with December 31 Fiscal Years. This will be updated as new filings come in.