Credit Fund Performance

Data is based on total return percentage reported by each fund, and may include the impact of expense support programs. 2018 data is through the date of most recent filings.

FundShare ClassFiscal Year End20142015201620172018
American Beacon Apollo Total Return FundYJune 30NANANANANA
American Beacon Sound Point Enhanced Income FundYAugust 31NANANANA2.50%
Angel Oak Strategic Credit FundShares of Beneficial InterestJanuary 31NANANA1.10%2.90%
BlackRock Enhanced Government FundCommon StockDecember 31-1.06%3.65%-0.18%4.32%-0.45%
Blackstone/GSO Floating Rate Enhanced Income FundISeptember 30NANANANA3.61%
Blackstone/GSO Floating Rate Enhanced Income FundDSeptember 30NANANANA2.00%
Blackstone/GSO Floating Rate Enhanced Income FundTSeptember 30NANANANA-0.51%
Cion Ares Diversified Credit FundAOctober 31NANANA5.32%7.91%
Cion Ares Diversified Credit FundCOctober 31NANANA2.95%7.91%
Cion Ares Diversified Credit FundIOctober 31NANANA2.95%7.91%
Cion Ares Diversified Credit FundLOctober 31NANANANA7.96%
City National Rochdale Strategic Credit FundCommon SharesJanuary 31NANANANANA
Destra International & Event-Driven Credit FundASeptember 30NANANANA-0.35%
Destra International & Event-Driven Credit FundTSeptember 30NANANANANA
Destra International & Event-Driven Credit FundLSeptember 30NANANANANA
Flat Rock Opportunity FundCommon Shares of Beneficial InterestDecember 31NANANANANA
Forefront Income TrustCommon SharesSeptember 30NANA9.15%10.02%1.71%
FS Credit Income FundAOctober 31NANANANA2.72%
FS Credit Income FundIOctober 31NANANANA7.68%
FS Credit Income FundLOctober 31NANANANA0.39%
FS Credit Income FundMOctober 31NANANANANA
FS Credit Income FundTOctober 31NANANANA0.39%
Griffin Institutional Access Credit FundADecember 31NANANA4.38%1.49%
Griffin Institutional Access Credit FundCDecember 31NANANA4.37%1.49%
Griffin Institutional Access Credit FundIDecember 31NANANA4.38%1.50%
Griffin Institutional Access Credit FundLDecember 31NANANA1.84%1.48%
Griffin Institutional Access Credit FundFDecember 31NANANA1.41%1.52%
Invesco Senior Loan FundAFebruary 281.88%-8.65%20.97%4.79%2.93%
Invesco Senior Loan FundBFebruary 28NANANANANA
Invesco Senior Loan FundCFebruary 281.06%-9.38%20.24%3.86%2.54%
Invesco Senior Loan FundYFebruary 282.16%-8.53%21.27%5.05%3.05%
Invesco Senior Loan FundIBFebruary 282.16%-8.53%21.45%4.89%3.05%
Invesco Senior Loan FundICFebruary 281.99%-8.68%21.28%4.74%2.98%
OFI Carlyle Private Credit FundShares of Beneficial InterestDecember 31NANANANA-0.20%
Palmer Square Opportunistic Income FundCommon SharesJuly 31NA3.79%-5.50%15.56%5.40%
Pathway Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc.*AJune 30NANA-1.75%13.20%0.18%
Pathway Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc.*CJune 30NANANANA0.33%
Pathway Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc.IJune 30NANANANANA
Pathway Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc.LJune 30NANANANANA
PIMCO Flexible Credit Income FundCommon SharesJune 30NANANA4.36%6.98%
Pimco Flexible Municipal Income FundInstitutional ClassNANANANANANA
Pimco Flexible Municipal Income FundANANANANANANA
Pimco Flexible Municipal Income FundA-1NANANANANANA
Resource Credit Income FundASeptember 30NANA6.22%15.79%6.09%
Resource Credit Income FundCSeptember 30NANA6.85%15.03%5.39%
Resource Credit Income FundWSeptember 30NANA5.74%15.77%6.19%
Resource Credit Income FundLSeptember 30NANANA0.88%5.92%
Resource Credit Income FundISeptember 30NANA6.42%16.07%6.46%
RiverNorth Marketplace Lending CorporationCommon StockJune 30NANANA5.67%2.72%
RiverPark Floating Rate CMBS Fund Institutional Class SharesSeptember 30NANANA5.07%3.79%
Sierra Total Return FundAJune 30NANANA-0.20%4.26%
Sierra Total Return FundTJune 30NANANANANA
Sierra Total Return FundIJune 30NANANANANA
Sierra Total Return FundSJune 30NANANANANA
Sierra Total Return FundLJune 30NANANANANA
Stone Ridge Trust VCommon SharesFebruary 28NANA9.64%6.49%2.89%
Tortoise Tax-Advantaged Social Infrastructure FundISeptember 30NANANANA1.11%
Voya Senior Income FundAFebruary 282.81%-4.77%14.56%3.22%2.07%
Voya Senior Income FundCFebruary 282.38%-5.27%13.93%2.79%1.82%
Voya Senior Income FundIFebruary 283.09%-4.54%14.79%3.49%2.20%
Voya Senior Income FundWFebruary 283.08%-4.52%14.83%3.47%2.19%
Voya Senior Income FundTFebruary 28NANANANANA